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Assistance for trustworthy consultant E2 visa program.

If you are interested in the E2 visa program, you are invited to NVS - one of the companies with more than 15 years operating in the field of international immigration, specializing in consulting on investment activities. Immigration aims to assist Vietnamese family members have a green greeting card and relish the education and welfare of leading countries around the world on the planet.

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Resolve for usually put company transparency and reputation, honesty initial, giving buyers the most effective advantages.

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Find out about the E2 visa

Exactly what is the E2 visa program?

The E2 visa program, also referred to as the E2 visa, can be a visa for visitors who want to reside in the united states to operate and develop a business. The E2 Visa is a superb selection for all those seeking to begin a business in the united states.

This really is a nonimmigrant visa that is issued to residents of your treaty countries around the world of the us (countries around the world that have a steady bilateral Maritime and Trade Contract with the us).

The situations in the E2 visa

Become a individual of places which the us is really a signatory for the E2 Treaty

The applicant should show that he / she has become or possibly is making an investment a large quantity inside an genuine business in the United States. The applicant must be the buyer, the executive levels, or own no less than 50Per cent of your business worth.

The candidate must confirm that he / she is getting into the US using the exclusive intent behind operating and developing the business through which they invest.

During the period of holding an E2 visa, the investor's business needs to conserve a certain functioning and productivity, and make jobs and revenue for natural loudspeakers.

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